We help food & tech startups create intuitive digital products.

Nothing beats intuitive usage.

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About us

We can't live without food. We are nerds on tech. And we appreciate the fact that people are working to keep our bellies filled. Without this industry, we can't satisfy our basic needs, which doesn't sound acceptable to us. That is why we want to positively impact the food & tech industry to keep those basic needs satisfied.

We made it our mission to help food & tech startups create solid design foundations that help them make their digital product accessible to the audience they serve. We achieve this by applying design research and strategies to design products based on objectivity instead of assumptions.
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Our core values


Stay curious.

Being curious helps us to be empathic, strengthen relationships, and generally makes us happier.


Crave understanding.

We are genuinely interested in people, and empathy helps us to connect with them.


Be hopeful.

We are hopeful to the point where we cheer up others by sharing an optimistic future.


Create lasting relationships.

Great relationships give inner fulfillment. That is why we love creating lasting ones.


Apply a healthy dose of skepticism.

Healthy doses of skepticism help us discover new ways of identifying and solving problems.


Keep it simple.

We love the challenge of turning complex ideas into simple products. Are you ready to experience that?


Enjoy the process.

We are young, and still have a long road ahead of us. By seeing our work as play, we don’t mind walking long roads. We enjoy them.


The truth returns loyalty.

Honesty is the foundation of trust, we care to trust our partners. Being honest with everyone helps us thrive, and stay truthful to ourselves

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If you’re interested in working with us. We would love to talk to you; help you find what you’re looking for and how we can add value.

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