Rebranding Enveloprint

Enveloprint is one of the largest printing companies of the Benelux. We helped them to rebrand their business.


Enveloprint is one of the largest printing manufacturers in the Benelux. They operate in a saturated market. And to attract new clients, they need to differentiate themselves from competitors.

To do that, we knew Enveloprint needed to create a better digital presence, consistent communication, and a strategy to engage with their target audiences.

There are three sub-brands called Busymark, Tesink, and Enveloprint Benelux, which serve different audiences. All of them need consistency on a foundational level, with specifically crafted messaging towards their target audiences.


We visited their offices, warehouses, and teams, to see their daily processes and get a better understanding of the culture. The insights gained from these visits were used to create an identity that truly represents their brand. Enveloprint needs a brand that communicates in a professional, and modern way to their target audience.


We profiled the audience Enveloprint is serving, and we concluded that they are looking for reliability, mutual trust, true honesty, and long-term relationships. This is the foundation of the new brand identity.

The green color is aligned with the psychological impact we want to make. We chose to combine it with a contrasting complementary color, to create more depth.
To resonate with their target audiences, we defined a new tone-of-voice for external communications. This tone is a combination of their existing communication and the way their target audience prefers. The brand words guided us to the look and feel of Enveloprint's brand.
trustworth, level-header, confident, honest, professional, daring
In combination with the name, the old logo of Enveloprint communicated that they only sell envelopes. Over the years, they have produced different product lines and services, so we decided to create a new logo. One that communicates what they do in a more holistic way. With a modern and timeless touch.
enveloprint new logo design
We created communication guidelines that help the team to be consistent in their external communications. It contains general communication tips and a tone-of-voice that translates the core values of Enveloprint. By hanging posters around the offices and desks, we are stimulating the usage of the communication guidelines.
Enveloprint has several sub-brands that serve different audiences, we defined a content strategy for all websites to help all brands complement each other. We created an information architecture to get a clear display of the connection in the network of websites.
We created five new websites from scratch, which have the same structure and user flow. They differentiate in coloring and messaging, specifically crafted for their target audiences. The content seen on all websites is written by us and photographed by a freelance partner. It is SEO-friendly with a focus on the user experience.
  • enveloprint website
  • enveloprint benelux website
  • busymark website
  • tesink website


Impacting their audiences as we speak. Come back later until we have a sufficient data to offer.
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